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One Hundred Years Of Miracles Summary cast

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The subject of the Hundred Years of Miracles is as follows; While joining the Sakarya Front, our hero Ali Tahir was martyred and martyred. Youth was bestowed as a result of this miracle, which prevented Ali from aging.

Although Ali Tahir has accomplished a lot in his 130-year life, it becomes even more difficult for him to survive. Ali Tahir’s surname is Kemal and the only person who is aware of this is his childhood friend Turgut.

Our hero shared a house with eight women. In other words, he lives in a house with his aunt, brother and cousins ​​and was raised by his aunt Süreyya. He is a lawyer who loves to write and puts a lot of effort into finishing his first book.

One Hundred Years Of Miracles Summary cast
One Hundred Years Of Miracles Summary cast

On his quest to complete the first draft of his novel, he unexpectedly encounters Kemal. Ali Tahir must let go of his burden and tell his story and create a Great, convincing narrative. After meeting, both of their lives will change unexpectedly.

A struggling writer and a man who never gets old. How will love grow between these two?

Series title: A Hundred Years of Miracles

Genre: drama, romance, mystery

Publisher channel: Star TV

Director: Hilal Saral

Author: Nuran Evren Sit

Filming Location: Istanbul, Mugla

Release Date: March 23, 2023


Cast: Birkan Sokullu, Ebru Şahin, Zerrin Tekindor, Necip Memili, Gözde Seda Altuner, Laçin Ceylan, Ayşegül Cengiz, Yalçın Hafızoğlu, Merve Nur Bengi, Ecem Çalhan, Zehra Kelleci end Hümeyra

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