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“Gelin” (Bride) Turkish Drama subject cast

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Channel 7 is now introducing an exciting adventure to its viewers, following the success of many other captivating productions: “Gelin” (“The Bride”). Adorned with the unforgettable performances of Talya Çelebi and Cenay Türksever, this magnificent production is poised to add a striking color to the audience’s Sunday evenings.

“Gelin” is a new drama series on Channel 7. The story revolves around Cihan, the daughter of a wealthy family, marrying Hançer, who resides in a poor neighborhood, and the challenges and love that come with this marriage.

The plot of “Gelin” revolves around the poignant story of Hançer and Cihan. While Hançer sacrifices his dreams for his loved ones, Cihan is oppressed by the pressure from his family and the weight of his surname. However, as things become even more complicated, dark clouds gather over the mansion where the Develioğlu family resides. The pressure on Cihan, the son of Mukadder Develioğlu, to have a male heir, becomes a significant issue shaping the family’s future. However, Cihan’s relationship with his wife Beyza disrupts these plans and takes a tragic turn.

On the other hand, Hancher’s portrayal as a young girl struggling in poverty adds depth to the story. With the proposal from Mukadder Develioglu, Hancher is asked to marry Cihan and bear his child. This proposition completely changes Hancher’s life and leads her down an irreversible path.

The decision made by Cihan and Hançer’s families sets off an unexpected story filled with surprises. This enchanting world woven with love, betrayal, and deep secrets will leave viewers breathless. “Gelin” will take its audience on an emotional journey, allowing them to step into a world filled with exciting events every week.

"Gelin" (Bride)  Turkish Drama subject, cast
“Gelin” (Bride) Turkish Drama subject, cast

Cast and Characters of “Gelin”:

– Cihan Develioglu (Cenay Türksever): The protagonist of the series, Cihan is the only daughter of the Develioglu family. Forced into marriage by her father, Cihan falls in love with Hançer and elopes with him. However, she struggles to adapt to Hancher’s family and neighborhood.

– Hancher (Talya chelebi): The other protagonist, Hancher, is a brave and handsome young man living in a poor neighborhood. Madly in love with Cihan upon first sight, Hancher is willing to do anything to marry her. However, he must contend with Cihan’s family and enemies in the neighborhood.

– Betigül Ceylan: A beautiful and ambitious woman from Hancher’s neighborhood. Betigül harbors a platonic love for Hancher and does everything in her power to separate him from Cihan.

– Arif Nazım: Hancher’s closest friend and the tough guy of the neighborhood. Disapproving of Cihan, Arif tries to convince Hancher to be with Betigül.

– Seda Keskol: Cihan’s mother and the matriarch of the Develioglu family. Opposed to her daughter marrying Hancher, Seda tries every means to separate them.

– Günesh Ebrar Özgül: Cihan’s closest friend from the neighborhood where Hancher lives. Supporting Cihan, Günesh tries to adapt to life in the neighborhood with her.

– Türker Kantar: Cihan’s father and the head of the Develioglu family. Unable to accept his daughter marrying Hancher, Türker threatens and pressures them.

– Müsellim (Burchin Bildik): The headman of Hancher’s neighborhood. Opposing Hancher and Cihan’s marriage, Müsellim creates obstacles for them and tries to maintain order in the neighborhood.

“Gelin” (Bride) Turkish Drama subject, cast

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