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Kül Masalı Turkish Drama (Cinder Tale) subject actors

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TRT 1’s captivating series “Cinder Tale” immerses viewers into a compelling narrative.

Directed by Metin Balekoğlu and written by scriptwriters Sılan Aras Erdem and Filiz Küçük Yücel, this series delves into the inner world of the Giraylı family, one of Turkey’s wealthiest families.

Starring experienced actors like Gökhan Alkan and Sevda Erginci, the series begins with Arat Giraylı encountering and falling in love with Özge, who comes from a modest background. However, this love story is not just the beginning of a happily ever after tale; on the contrary, it opens the doors to a world filled with intrigue.

Kül Masalı Turkish Drama (Cinder Tale) subject actors
Kül Masalı Turkish Drama (Cinder Tale) subject actors

As Özge steps into the luxurious mansions of the Giraylı family, Arat’s bursts of anger from his past, Özge’s sister’s ambition, and the ghost of Arat’s former wife Jale, turn the series into a complex narrative. This challenging journey takes viewers on both an emotional and thrilling adventure.

“Cinder Tale” premieres on February 15th, Thursday. Don’t miss out on this exciting series and step into this world where love, intrigue, and passion intertwine!

Release Date – Coming in 2024

Genre – Romance, Love Story, Drama

Original Language – Turkish

Director – Bekir Toplar

Author – Sulan Aras Erdem, Filiz Küçük Yücel

Producers – Cemil Cengiz

Production Company – TRT1

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