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Channel 7’s new series Fedakar summary cast

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Summary of the Fedakar series

In the series Fedakar, Elif does her best to take care of her mother and her siblings Sefer and Narin after her father’s death. However, these three brothers do not receive moral support from anyone as well as financial difficulties. Elif and her sister are devastated by the death of Narin, the youngest of the house. But every bad event comes one after another. This time his brother Sefer is accused of murder.

Channel 7's new series Fedakar summary cast
Channel 7’s new series Fedakar summary cast

Elif’s older sister is accused of killing Seferi Karaca Holding’s daughter. The murdered girl is a family member of Karaca Holding, one of Turkey’s largest construction companies. Tarık, the sole heir of this holding, takes action to avenge his sister. But there is one thing that cannot be taken into account, love. Because he falls in love with Sefer’s sister, who is accused of being her sister’s murderer. OK, now what? We’ll watch this and see.

Director of the series: Özgür Pak

Screenwriter: Mehmet Uyar

The original name of the series: Fedakar

Broadcaster channel: Kanal 7

Country: Turkish

Devoted cast

Berkay Veli

Aybüke Yılmaz

Doğaç Meriçliler

Mihriban Özel

Kahraman Sivri

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