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James McAvoy biography

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– Birth Name: James McAvoy

– Date of Birth: April 21, 1979

– Place of Birth: Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

– Height: 5′ 7″

– Spouse: Lisa Liberati

James McAvoy was born on April 21, 1979, in Glasgow, Scotland. The son of a builder and a nurse, McAvoy spent his childhood in a broken family, living with his Glasgow grandparents James and Mary Johnstone. While he reconciled with his mother, McAvoy chose never to speak to his father again.

McAvoy’s Catholic school education might have steered him towards priesthood, but a chance encounter at a career fair with Scottish working actor David Hayman changed his destiny. Hayman invited McAvoy to audition for a significant role in the 1995 exploitation-themed film “The Near Room,” and McAvoy won the role. This success led him to the Scottish School of Dance and Music.

James McAvoy biography
James McAvoy biography

After graduating, McAvoy was convinced that military service could benefit him, and ironically, he appeared in the war TV miniseries “Band of Brothers,” produced by Steven Spielberg.

Following these early career milestones, James McAvoy’s rise has been swift, and today, he continues to deliver successful performances in numerous notable film and television projects.

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