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Song Naree Full Episode Review

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Song Naree Full Episode Review

Song Naree is a Thai series that tells the dramatic and romantic story of twin sisters, Nueng and Song, who lead separate lives.

Nueng is a woman who has lived a poor life, characterized by indulgence and recklessness. Song, on the other hand, is raised by a loving family after her father’s death, and she is gentle, innocent, and bright. When Nueng encounters trouble with the police officer At, he begins to suspect her of many things. When At discovers that his brother’s fiancée is the same woman he had previously met, his suspicions deepen, but what he doesn’t know is that the woman is Song, not Nueng. As Nueng causes more problems, Song becomes the one accused and condemned by At in her place.

Episode 1:

Nueng and Song’s parents divorce, and the twins are separated. Nueng lives a modest life with her mother and stepfather, while Song enjoys a rich life with her father. When her father passes away, Song is adopted by her aunt and uncle. Nueng meets At and argues with him, and At accuses her of theft.

Episode 2:

Song meets At’s brother, San, and falls in love with him. San also proposes to her. Nueng learns of San’s wealth and attempts to win him over. She sees a photo of Song and realizes that she is her twin.

Episode 3:

Nueng visits Song’s home and confronts her. Song accepts her as her sister and wants to help her, but Nueng aims to ruin her life. Nueng takes Song’s place to meet San. At notices this and accuses Song of deception.

Episode 4:

While Nueng tries to make San fall in love with her, she also becomes involved with At. At informs Song of this and leaves her. Song is heartbroken and blames herself.

Episode 5:

Nueng learns she is pregnant and tells San. San is shocked but wants to take responsibility. However, Nueng knows that the baby is actually At’s but keeps it a secret.

Episode 6:

Song realizes that she is the one San truly loves and wants to reconcile with him, but Nueng does everything in her power to prevent it. Nueng kidnaps Song and subjects her to torture.

Song Naree Full Episode Review
Song Naree Full Episode Review

Episode 7:

San takes action to rescue Song, while At looks for evidence to expose Nueng’s true nature. Nueng attempts to kill Song but fails.

Episode 8:

San and Song reunite and decide to get married. Nueng can’t accept this and seeks revenge. She places a bomb in San’s car, but it is discovered before it can explode.

Episode 9:

Nueng gives birth, but her baby dies, driving her to madness. She goes to Song’s house and attempts to stab her but ends up getting stabbed herself.

Episode 10:

Nueng is taken to the hospital but does not survive. Song is deeply saddened by her death and forgives her. San and Song start a happy life together, while At apologizes to Song and becomes her friend.

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