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Cansu Tuman biography age boyfriend and more

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The beautiful actress Cansu Tuman, who played the character of Dilan in the popular Turkish TV series Kan Çiçekleri, was born in Istanbul in 1994. His age is 29 according to 2023.

Occupation: actress

Height: 1.68 m

Weight: 52

Eye Color: Green

Religion: Islam

Boyfriend: no

Siblings: has an older sister

Education: Graduated from Istanbul Kultur University Molecular Biology Department and Art Academy Department of Acting Education.

Cansu Tuman has always wanted to be an actress. When he was a kid, he used to go in front of the TV and make imitations.

The first TV series he appeared in were Arka Sokaklar and Rental Love TV series. What made him known is the youth version of the character “Arzu”, which he portrayed in the TV series “Ufak Tefek Cinayetler”. Cansu Tuman has an energetic, sincere and honest nature. But he says he’s a humanist.

On love, she says: “I think love is at first sight and it’s unique. Love is as necessary as it is painful. Love at first sight is when you look into their eyes and want to get lost and trapped there.”

Cansu Tuman biography age boyfriend and more
Cansu Tuman biography age boyfriend and more

The motto of the actor against life: “Fate is in love with labor.” “Every time I see, read, or say this word, I feel renewed my strength and faith.” says.

What attracts the attention of the opposite sex is whether or not he has an energetic structure. He states that he attracts the attention of energetic people.

The actress, who likes to do sports, prefers to wear sports and comfortable clothes in her daily life. He adds that he does not dress stylishly unless necessary. In addition, the actress, who does not like to wear make-up, says that she does not know how to make up.

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