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Who is the cast of Poison Ivy? More information

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Original Title: Gecenin Ucunda The series Star TV is broadcast on Wednesdays at 20:00.

Starring Neslihan Atagül, Kadir Doğulu, Zuhal Olcay, Tuba Ünsal

Istanbul where the series was filmed

Director: Barış Erçetin

Screenwriters: Basar Basaran, Emre Ozdur

Production company: TMC Film Producer: Kadir Doğulu, Erol Avci

Poison Ivy Summary

Macide is a psychology graduate. And he lives in Ankara. He decides to change his life and sets out to go to Istanbul. Meanwhile, he encounters a fortune teller. What that fortune teller says confuses him. During the Tiren journey, he meets Ahmet Işık and remembers what the fortune teller said. Maybe Ahmet Işık is the person the fortune teller calls “the light in your life”.

One of the most curious subjects is which book Poison Ivy is adapted from.

The series is an adaptation of Peride Celal’s book “Aynı”.

The script of the series was written by Başar Başaran and Emre Özdür. Now let’s give information about the actors of the series.

Who is the cast of Poison Ivy? More information
Who is the cast of Poison Ivy? More information

Who really is the character of Macide?

Real name: Neslihan Atagül

How old is he?: 30

Height: 1.69 cm

Weight: 49 kg

Sign: Leo

Neslihan Atagül’s father, whose mother is originally Russian, is of Circassian origin. Famous actress Neslihan Atagül, who has an older brother named İlkay Atagül, studied Theater at Yeditepe University. TV series and movies: Dark Love, Bottom, First Love, Remaining From You, Purgatory, Fatih Harbiye, Leaf Fall, Life Goes On, At the End of the Night

Who is Kazım Işık really?

Real name: Kadir Doğulu

How old?: 40

Height: 1.82 cm

Weight: 71 kg

Sign: Aries

TV series and movies: Little Secrets, Dirty Seven, Fatih Harbiye, Sevdam Alabora, Magnificent Century Kösem, Tell Me to Love, Vuslat, Jet Society, Recipe for Love, At the End of the Night

Who is Serra Pekdemir really?

Real name: Bestemsu Ozdemir

How old is he?: 30

Height: 1.74 cm

Weight: 54 kg

Sign: Aries

TV Series: Scorpion, Pigeon, Anchovy of the Aegean, Virgin Mary, Mothers and Mothers, Black Money Love, Sakarya Euphrates, Time of Purgatory

Who is Ahmet Işık really?

Real name: Sarp Levendoglu

How old?: 41

Height: 1.95 cm

Weight: 87 kg

Sign: Capricorn

TV Series: Warrior, Until Death, What a Relationship, Little Ağa, Sakarya Fırat, Purple Violets, Heartache, Off-White, Golden Girls, Good Step Love, Day and Night, Zeliha’s Eyes, Commander, Çınaraltı, High School Notebook

Who is Berrin Işık Kanbey really?

Real name: Zuhal Olcay

How old?: 65

Height: 1.72 cm

Weight: 66 kg

Sign: Leo

TV Series: Extinct Hearth, Finger Stamp, Suppose Ismail, Days of Fire, The Other Side of the Night, Where Spring Ends, Artist Palace, Marital Conditions, Women Without Roof, Yeditepe Istanbul, I Miss You So Much, Wide Times, Don’t Forget Me, Back Streets, Hope Travelers, Chastity, A Love Story, Urfalıyam From Eternity, High Society, Flaming

Who is Nermin Işık really?

Real name: Tuba Unsal

How old?: 41

Height: 1.67 cm

Weight: 55 kg

Sign: Sagittarius

TV Series: The Headmen of the Neighborhood, Black Melek, Ruhsar, Broken Lives, Ayşecik, Wolf Trap, Kıvılcım, Çarli at Work, Defense, Karaoğlan, Your Soul Doesn’t Listen, I Miss You Again, Wren, Hope Milli, Oath, Will This Heart Forget You?, The Istanbul I Love Your Life, Repentance of Repentance, A Time That Passes, Baby Work, Mirror of My Soul, Inside.

Who is Sara Kohen really?

Real name: Ozge Ozder

How old?: 44

Height: 1.60 cm

Weight: 50 cm

Sign: Aries

TV Series: At the End of the Night, Unfaithful, Miracle Doctor, Jet Society, Dream, Hope Is Not Handcuffed, Amber, Ulan Istanbul, Desperate Housewives, Lifetime Price, Lip to Heart, Children of Another Neighborhood

Who is Cihangir Işık really?

Real name: Bertan Aslani

How old?: 32

Height: 1.83 cm

Weight: 70 kg

Sign: Cancer

TV Series: Student House, Nobody Knows, Time to Migration, Dirty Seven

Who is Mert Öndeş really?

Real name: Kaan Tasaner

How old?: 43

Height: 1.74 cm

Weight: 64 kg

Sign: Taurus

TV Series: Unlawful Lands, The Great Meeting, The Fifth Dimension, Do It Right, Towards Our Own School, What’s wrong with Fatmagül?, Kuzey Güney, Lost, Resurrection Ertuğrul, Colorful, Mehmetçik, Şahin Tepesi

Who is Yasemin Kanbey really?

Real name: Aleyna Özgeçen

How old?: 20

Height: 1.60 cm

Weight: 55 kg

Sign: Virgo

TV series: Gülperi, The Centennial Seal

Who is Tunç Kanbey really?

Real name: Levent Özdilek

How old?: 68

Height: 1.86 cm

Weight: 85 kg

Sign: Capricorn

TV Series: Love of Angels, Bandit Does Not Rule the World, My Lion Family, Its Name is Happiness.

Who is shermin really?

Real name: Ebru Aykac

How old?: 48

Height: 1.76 cm

Weight: 65 cm

Sign: Aquarius

TV Series: Rooftop Love, Don’t Let Go of My Hand, Heart of the Wind.

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