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Who is Şükrü Özyıldız?

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Şükrü Özyıldız is an actor born on February 18, 1988, in Izmir, Turkey, making him 35 years old. He belongs to the Aquarius zodiac sign and stands tall at 1.88 meters (6 feet 2 inches) with a weight of 85 kilograms (187 pounds). With his captivating brown eyes and black hair, he catches the attention of many. Şükrü Özyıldız pursued his education in the Business Administration Department at Ege University.

Having a younger sister who is two years his junior, Şükrü Özyıldız initially started his academic journey in the Department of Marine Engineering at Istanbul Technical University. However, driven by his passion for acting, he decided to follow his inclinations and turned towards pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. He took the path of reevaluation, went through further examinations, and ultimately enrolled in the Business Administration Department at Ege University. During his time as a student, he had the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus program and spent some time in Portugal. It was during this period that he developed an interest in combat sports and took part in cage fights. However, as he focused more on his acting career, he decided to leave behind his involvement in cage fighting. While abroad, he also attended various workshops related to acting.

Having discovered his passion for acting, Şükrü Özyıldız decided to enhance his skills by receiving professional training at Müjdat Gezen Art Center. This education opened doors for him, and he got the chance to play roles in numerous theater plays, commercials, and television series. In 2011, he took his first step into the world of television with the series “Derin Sular,” and in 2013, he gained recognition through his lead role in “Benim Hala Umudum Var,” which was aired on Star TV. That same year, he made his debut in cinema, starring in the film “Neva.”

Who is Şükrü Özyıldız?
Who is Şükrü Özyıldız?

In 2015, Şükrü Özyıldız successfully portrayed the character of Eren in the Star TV series “Tatlı Küçük Yalancılar,” and later showcased his acting talents in the show “Kış Güneşi,” which aired on Show TV.

With his exceptional acting skills, Şükrü Özyıldız earned a prominent place in the industry and also made his mark in the world of cinema with films like “Neva” and “Sevimli Tehlikeli.”

Here are some of the TV series that Şükrü Özyıldız has been a part of: “Uçurum,” “Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne,” “Çalıkuşu,” “Benim Hala Umudum Var,” “Tatlı Küçük Yalancılar,” “Şeref Meselesi,” and “Kış Güneşi.”

Currently, in 2023, Şükrü Özyıldız is portraying the character Onur Karasu in the TV series “Ruhun Duymaz,” continuing his career with successful projects.

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