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Who is Eda Ece?

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Eda Ece’s full name is Eda Ece Uzunalioğlu. He was born on June 20, 1990 in Istanbul. She graduated from Şişli Terakki High School and then from Istanbul Bilgi University, Department of Psychology. She attracted the attention of her former manager Tümay Özokur in a theater play she played at the university and she registered with the agency. Later, her professional acting career began when her manager introduced her to Gani Müjde.

Ece has been educated in many fields since her childhood, but she was most interested in theater. Before 2011, she was playing small roles in TV series. Eda Ece, who had her first leading role in TV series with her role in the TV series Pis Yedili (2011-2014), has awards from social responsibility projects and TV series.

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Height: 1.68 cm

Weight: 52

Eye Color: Green

Religion: Islâm

Eda Ece married basketball player Buğrahan Tuncer in 2019.

Who is Eda Ece?
Who is Eda Ece?

In an interview, she answered a question about her turning to acting after graduating from the psychology department: There are many different factors that build a person’s character, including his whole background, family structure, genetics, the environment he grew up in, the situations he lived in and faced. You see the reflections of the love that a child receives or does not receive from his mother, in everything from his relationships to his relationships.

And when creating a character, you have to include all of his past and traumas. Psychology is 100 percent effective in acting.”

In 2013, she appeared as ‘Zeyno’ in the TV series ‘Love Me Like This’.

She acted as ‘Ceren’ in the movies ‘Kocan Kadar Talk’, which was screened in 2015 and 2016.

He received acclaim for his performance in the films ‘Görümce’ (2016) and ‘Deliha 2’ (2018) written by Gupse Özay.

Between 2015 and 2018, she lived in London, the capital city of England. During the 2.5 years he spent abroad, he only came to Istanbul for filming.

In 2018, she met with TV fans with the role of “Star” in the TV series Forbidden Apple.

In 2022, ‘Who Are You Mask?’ He was a member of the jury on the reality show.

Eda Ece Movies

2003 – Life Science (Sude) (Guest)

2004 – Miracles of Love

2009 – Rag Doll (Guest Star)

2011 – I Named You Feriha (Guest Player)

2011-2014 – Dirty Seven (Günçiçek Seymen)

2013 – Love Me Like This (Zeyno)

2015 – Relationship

Status: Mixed (Elif)

2017 – Ali Ekber Cevahir (Eda)

2018 – Forbidden Apple (Yıldız Yılmaz Argun)


2010 – Mahpeyker Kösem Sultan

2013 – For My Daughter (Tuba)

2017 – My Companion

2017 – Salur Kazan: Forced Hero

2015 – Talk As Much as Your Husband (Ceren)

2016 – Talk As Much as Your Husband: Resurrection (Ceren)

2016 – Gorumce (Sea)

2016 – Deli Dumrul

2016 – Deprived (Ela)

2017 – Dede Korkut Stories: Bamsi Beyrek

2017 – My Travel Friend (Aysun)

2017 – Dede Korkut Stories: Deli Dumrul (Günçiçek)

2018 – Deliha 2 (Eda)

2020 – Feride (Guest Star)

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