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Who is Aslı Sümen?

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Aslı Sümen portrays the character of Tuğçe Dikman in the beloved Turkish television series “Baht Oyunu” (The Game of Fate). This beautiful actress stands out with her numerous talents and achievements. So, who is Aslı Sümen? What are her attributes? Let’s delve into her life and biography to learn more about her.

Aslı Sümen was born in 1994 in Mersin, Turkey. She hails from Mersin and is one of the successful representatives of beauty pageants in Turkey. She became the winner of the Miss Turkey 2017 beauty pageant, and as a result, she had the opportunity to represent our country in the Miss World beauty pageant held in China. Although Itır Esen was initially announced as the winner, the crown was later given to Aslı Sümen.

Showing dedication to her education, Aslı Sümen graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at the Middle East Technical University. Participating in a beauty contest is a dream for many girls, and Aslı pursued her dream by participating in the Miss Turkey competition, where she captivated everyone with her remarkable performance.

Aslı Sümen’s family is involved in various freelance professions, and she has a brother living in Canada who is involved in the film industry. During her time at Middle East Technical University, she had the opportunity to represent the university in the Eşli Danslar Topluluğu (Couple Dances Community). Besides her career as a model, she has been successful as a dancer and an actress.

Discovering her acting talent, Aslı Sümen focused on pursuing an acting career after appearing in a short video film. In 2021, she gained widespread admiration by bringing the character of Tuğçe to life in the television series “Baht Oyunu,” which was broadcasted on Kanal D.

Who is Aslı Sümen?
Who is Aslı Sümen?

As of 2023, Aslı Sümen stands at 1.74 meters tall, weighs 53 kilograms, and is 27 years old. Her official Instagram account, @asliisumen, has around 107 thousand followers. Recognized for her passion and skill in acting, Aslı Sümen continues her work under the management of Günfer Günaydın Agency.

While some details about her personal life are not publicly known, it is evident that she places importance on having a trustworthy partner if she were to be in a relationship. Currently, she is captivating television viewers with her successful portrayal of Hilal Koral in the series “Ruhun Duymaz.”

Despite her young age, Aslı Sümen solidifies her place in the television and film industry with her talents and achievements. Besides her acting career’s accomplishments, her beauty and grace also attract attention. The audience eagerly awaits Aslı Sümen’s future projects, as she is sure to continue making a name for herself in the entertainment world.

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