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Unknown Facts About Yağmur Yüksel

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How did she decide to become an actress?

Since childhood, Yağmur Yüksel harbored a dream of becoming an actress. She nurtured this aspiration by carefully observing characters and actors, eventually finding the opportunity to realize her dream.

How did Yağmur Yüksel get involved in the “Kan Çiçekleri” project?

While in contact with directors and producers at the age of 25, Yağmur unexpectedly joined the “Kan Çiçekleri” project during a period when she had left her job.

What were her feelings when she read the initial script of the “Kan Çiçekleri” series on Channel 7?

Examining the script, Yağmur felt a strong emotional connection to the character Dilan, describing her as patient, brave, and supportive of loved ones. She expressed the hope for love to be like a fairy tale if it is genuine.

What are Yağmur Yüksel’s thoughts on love?

Yağmur believes real love can overcome challenges, including fights and lies. She desires love to be magical, beautiful, kind, respectful, and enjoyable, hoping for it to unfold like a fairy tale if genuine.

Is Yağmur Yüksel compatible with her co-star Baran Karabey, who portrays Barış Baktaş in the “Kan Çiçekleri” series?

Yağmur states that she and her co-star get along well, supporting each other and sharing funny moments. There is no aspect that bothers her about Barış Baktaş.

How does Yağmur Yüksel spend her time on set?

Yağmur shares that she spends her time on set reading new episodes, finding joy and satisfaction in understanding the script.

What does Yağmur Yüksel do on days when there is no shooting?

On off days, Yağmur reads books and scripts, spends time with family and friends, listens to music, or engages in painting.

Unknown Facts About Yağmur Yüksel
Unknown Facts About Yağmur Yüksel

Does Yağmur Yüksel listen to her heart or her mind when making decisions?

Yağmur listens to both her heart and mind, sometimes seeking advice from her elders.

Regarding aesthetic or plastic surgery, Yağmur mentions she has no plans for it currently but might consider it as she ages.

On beauty standards and pressure, she emphasizes the subjective nature of beauty, stating that character should outweigh physical features.

Is there a slogan that contributes to her strength in life?

Yağmur Yüksel’s motivating slogan is “Be kind-hearted and brave,” guiding her to fearlessness and mindful steps.

She believes making mistakes in life is normal, emphasizing the importance of being aware of those mistakes.

Expressing talent in art, Yağmur mentions her love for painting and laughter, revealing her tendency to laugh at anything funny.

In her pursuit of acting improvement, Yağmur Yüksel shares dreams of learning new languages, traveling abroad, and exploring different cultures.

She admits to being unable to lie effectively and believes her lies are easily discernible.

Rejecting superstitions, Yağmur shares her only superstition: the belief that saying something 40 times makes it come true.

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