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The subject and cast of the series Green Valley’s Daughter

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Green Valley’s Daughter is a Turkish television drama series that is eagerly followed by many viewers.

While telling the story of an ordinary family, the series offers an in-depth look into complex relationships, intrigue-filled events, and love. The strong cast of the series also attracts attention and continues to keep the viewers intrigued in every episode.

The plot of the series revolves around the Küçük family living in Istanbul. Gülizar and Hakkı Küçük are a couple leading an ordinary life with their two children. However, everything changes when their young and beautiful daughter Hazan unexpectedly disappears. Hazan’s disappearance turns them into enemies of the unknown.

The series begins eight years after Hazan’s disappearance. Hakkı and Gülizar are still waiting for Hazan to come back. However, their lives change with the arrival of a great love in their home. Gülizar starts a passionate romance with a young man named Fırat whom she meets coincidentally. Despite Hakkı’s jealousy and objections from his family, this love grows.

Meanwhile, Zeynep, another young girl who was raised by Hazan’s real family, is searching for her own identity. Unaware of her connection to the Küçük family for years, Zeynep decides to live in Istanbul to find her real family. Zeynep coincidentally becomes a part of Hazan’s life and their paths cross.

The series revolves around the family facing their past, the return of their lost daughters, and the emotional and dramatic events of love, betrayal, and revenge. It uses a storytelling approach that surprises, touches, and affects the viewers in each episode.

The subject and cast of the series Green Valley's Daughter
The subject and cast of the series Green Valley’s Daughter

Green Valley’s Daughter has a successful cast. It features experienced and talented actors such as Bensu Soral as Gülizar, Keremcem as Fırat, and Tolga Güleç as Hakkı Küçük. Additionally, young and successful actors such as Cemre Baysel as Hazan and Burcu Özberk as Zeynep have also joined the legendary cast of the series.

Green Valley’s Daughter offers viewers an extraordinary experience. With its compelling story and strong cast, the series tackles universal themes such as love, pain, personal growth, and belonging in a powerful way. Therefore, it stands out as a series that is eagerly anticipated and deeply affects the audience in every episode.

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