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Summary of Marn Bang Jai

Written by Turkish Buzz

She studies at a boarding school in Fuengla. He lives with his father, Soithong, his new wife and stepdaughter Soun. One day, on his way to Fuenglada province, he and Taen get into a car accident and die. Taen is a very wealthy widow with two children. He lives with his brother Tai. His stepmother wants to sell Fuenglada’s Lada to an old Chinese man. Knowing this, Soithong eventually marries Tai and Fuenglada. Both live happily together. However, they face many obstacles.

Tai suspects Soithong for trying to bring Lada’s biological daughter, Soun, closer to Taen. How will the romantic love story between Taen and Lada end? Will they both be happy?

Summary of Marn Bang Jai
Summary of Marn Bang Jai

Information about Marn Bang Jai

Title: Marn Bang Jai / ม่าน บัง ใจ

Genre: Drama, Romance

Country: Thailand

Director: Teerasak Promngern

Screenwriter: Naphattharaphon

Broadcaster Channel: Channel 7

Chapters: 15

Marn Bang Jai cast

Weir Sukollawat Kanarot (Taen)

Mook Mookda Narinrak (Fuenglada / Lada)

Euro Yotsawat Tawapee (Tai, Taen’s brother)

Noey Papada Klinsuman (Soisun / Sun)

Pym Pympan Chalayanapupt (Soithong – Feunglada’s stepmother)

Support Malisorn (Montira)

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