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Shocking information about Demet Özdemir

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Shocking information about the beautiful actress who is currently in the TV series “Adim Farah” on Fox TV.

The singer, known as Ayşe from Ankara, talked about Demet Özdemir, who was a dancer 13 years ago, in a live broadcast program she participated. Saying that Demet Özdemir was loyal and enthusiastic about her job, Ayşe from Ankara said, “She was earning 50 TL per program with the money of that period.”

Speaking about Demet Özdemir, singer Ayşe from Ankara said, “They were coming to the program with her sister. She came to the program as a dancer and earned her bread in this way. I always support strong women. Demet was naive and energetic.

Shocking information about Demet Özdemir
Shocking information about Demet Özdemir

His devotion to his work and his stance were also admirable. I would look at who works voluntarily and who works involuntarily in my staff. I would not want a reluctant person in my staff. Demet had a famous energy. Success is inevitable if a person is faithful to his job, comes to work on time and fulfills his duty completely.

I didn’t choose Demet. Demet and her older sister came from a dance school. The money of that day was 50 TL per program. The program was also a program that was broadcast once a week,” he said.

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