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She embarrassed her boyfriend Hande Ercel

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Actress and model Hande Erçel had set sail for a new love. When it was learned that her new lover was Hakan Sabancı, the news of the couple was on the agenda in the tabloid world.

Hakan Sabanci, on the other hand, could not lift the fame of Hande Ercel. Hakan Sabancı, who went to Cannes with Hande Erçel and hung out with his friends until the last event, attended the ball, Erçel’s last assignment, with only Erçel.

Hande erçeli shamed
She embarrassed her boyfriend Hande Ercel

Unable to handle Hande Erçel’s fame, Hakan Sabancı told the cameras “I’m bored now”. Hakan Sabancı, who did not say anything about his relationship, stunned everyone with his aggressive behavior and constant talking while expressing his discomfort.

Hande Ercel, on the other hand, was embarrassed by this state of her lover. Hakan Sabancı embarrassed Hande Erçel with this attitude. This incident was also on the agenda on social media.

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