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Safir Turkish Drama subject cast

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The upcoming new ATV series “Safir” tells the dramatic story of the Gülsoy family. The family becomes entangled in trials of ambition, passion, revenge, and bullying, traversing treacherous paths. Amidst this turmoil, the life of a young woman named Safir undergoes a profound transformation. The series is directed by Semih Bağcı.

The lead actors in the series are as follows:

– İlhan Şen portrays Safir, the daughter of the Gülsoy family. She stands out with her beauty, intelligence, and courage. After the family’s experiences, she decides to change her life.

– Özge Yağız plays Zeynep, Safir’s closest friend, always providing support. She is cheerful and full of affection.

– Burak Berkay Akgül embodies Emre, a mysterious man who enters Safir’s life. He falls in love with Safir, but he also harbors hidden secrets.

– İpek Tuzcuoğlu portrays Ayşe, Safir’s mother and the leader of the Gülsoy family. She is strong, determined, and does everything in her power to protect her family.

– Erkan Bektaş portrays Cemal, Safir’s father and the former leader of the family. He becomes paralyzed following an accident and carries a sense of guilt towards his family.

– Müfit Kayacan plays Ömer, the eldest son of the Gülsoy family. He manages the family business but remains in the shadow of his father. He seeks to prove himself.

– Nur Yazar brings Cemile to life, Ömer’s wife who becomes part of the Gülsoy family through marriage. She is ambitious and cunning but not well-liked within the family.

– Can Bartu Arslan portrays Selim, the younger son of the Gülsoy family and Safir’s brother. He is carefree and irresponsible.

– Gizem Sevim embodies Elif, Selim’s girlfriend, hailing from a wealthy family and displaying a selfish nature.

– Münir Can Cindoruk takes on the role of Murat, Safir’s former fiancé who still loves her and strives to win her back.

– Serdar Bordanacı brings Hakan to life, Emre’s closest friend who is supportive, funny, and loyal.

– Sevda Baş portrays Sibel, Zeynep’s mother who raised her single-handedly. She is hardworking, sacrificial, and affectionate.

Safir Turkish Drama subject cast
Safir Turkish Drama subject cast

– Selin Işık plays Nazlı, Zeynep’s younger sister, characterized by innocence and dreams.

– Efe Taşdelen embodies Ali, Zeynep’s boyfriend who deeply loves her, despite her lack of reciprocation.

– Serkan Taştemur portrays Cengiz, Safir’s colleague who harbors unrequited feelings for her and desires to be close to her.

– Can Remzi Ergen portrays Faruk, an enemy of the Gülsoy family and Cemal’s former partner who betrayed the family. He seeks revenge and aims to destroy the Gülsoy family.

While the exact release date of the Safir series is yet to be confirmed, the first trailer has already been released. The series is being filmed in Ürgüp district of Nevşehir, aiming to showcase the unique beauty of Ürgüp and Cappadocia on screen.

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