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“Ruhun Duymaz: Where Espionage Meets Love in a Jewel-Filled Series”

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The upcoming TV series “Ruhun Duymaz” on Fox TV promises to be an exciting production centered around the theme of espionage.

The series delves into the story of the Koral family, who are the owners of Turkey’s largest jewelry business. Onur Karasu (Şükrü Özyıldız), a successful agent, finds himself embroiled in a major operation to apprehend the diamond smuggler, Civan Koral (Tuğrul Tülek), whom he has been pursuing for months.

Onur Karasu works tirelessly to put an end to Civan Koral’s illicit activities. As part of this challenging mission, Onur strategically builds a distant relationship with Hilal (Aslı Sümen), Civan’s sister, by making her fall in love with him. Everything seems to be going smoothly until an unfamiliar woman named Ece (Burcu Özberk) unexpectedly enters his life.

Ece, a friend of Hilal’s from London, becomes suspicious of Onur from the moment they meet. Unbeknownst to her, Ece gets entangled in Onur’s operation, turning everything upside down.

Filming and Cast

“Ruhun Duymaz” is being filmed in various neighborhoods of Istanbul. The director’s chair is occupied by Aytaç Çiçek, while Saner Ayar takes on the role of producer.

Unlike many other productions, “Ruhun Duymaz” is not an adaptation. The original screenplay has been crafted by Ayşe Üner Kutlu.

"Ruhun Duymaz: Where Espionage Meets Love in a Jewel-Filled Series"
“Ruhun Duymaz: Where Espionage Meets Love in a Jewel-Filled Series”

The series features a talented and accomplished cast in its leading roles:

– Burcu Özberk as Ece Çetinel

– Şükrü Özyıldız as Onur Karasu

– Tuğrul Tülek as Civan Koral

– Aslı Sümen as Hilal Koral

– Şehsuvar Aktaş as Müfit

– Zuhal Gencer as Handan Koral

– Ülkü Duru as Ayla

– Mert Öner as Musti

– Gamze Doğanoğlu as Melek

– Kadir Polatçı as Ali

– Burak Acar as Melih

“Ruhun Duymaz” promises its audience action-packed scenes along with moments of emotion and romance. With the mysterious atmosphere of the espionage world intertwining with love, this series is set to offer an unforgettable adventure on television screens.

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