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Renaissance chinese drama summary actors

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The series is about the revenge of a princess. Yao Mo Xin, the queen of Great Chu, was the target of a conspiracy that took place in the royal palace. On that night of chaos, the queen’s spirit passed to her younger brother Yao Mo Wan.

All the enemies go after the surviving Yao Mo Wan. Desperate, the boy throws himself off a high cliff. And he loses his memory. Meanwhile, many things happen. Yao Mo Wan falls in love with Ye Jun Qing in the process.

One day she learns the truth about herself. Yao Mo Wan returns to take revenge on those who wanted to kill him. Mo Wan also finds out about the person who framed him. He also gathers information about King Ye Hong Yi. Ye Jun Qing helps Mo Wan ascend to the throne.

She also establishes romantic relationships with men who help her. Yao Mo Wan gets his revenge and becomes happy with Jun Qing.

Renaissance chinese drama summary actors
Renaissance chinese drama summary actors

Details about the Renaissance drama

Series title: Renaissance

Chinese name: 凤唳九天 (Nine Heavens of Phoenix)

Genre: Drama, Historical, Romance, Fantasy

Filming Location: Hengdian Town, Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province

Directors: Liu Hai Bo, Shen Yang

Producer: Hua Ping

Screenwriter: Qiu Xing

Publisher channel: iQiyi

Number of episodes: 36 Episodes

Episode length: 45 minutes

Release Date: September 22, 2020 – October 15, 2020

Country: China

Renaissance Cast

Chen Zhe Yuan character Ye Jun Qing

Li Mo Zhi character Yao Mo Wan

Kevin Yan as Han Jin Yi

Natalie Zhang Yao as Su Luan

Zhang Yan Yan as Mo Li

Eva Cheng / Cheng Yan Qiu as Yao Mo Xin

Xue Yi Lun as An Bing Shan

Dou Shi Ming character Morni Chang

Zong Feng Yan character Luo Bin

Dou Xiang Lan character Xu Rong Zhen

Johnny Zhang as Ye Hong Yi / Zhang Jun Ning

Yang Xin Ming as Yao Zhen Ting

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