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Queen: Love and War (2019) summary cast

Written by Turkish Buzz

Screenwriter: Choi Su Mi

Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy, Political

Country: South Korea

Chapters: 16

Broadcast dates: 14 December 2019 – 9 February 2020

Broadcast days: Saturday Sunday

Original Network: TV Chosun Viki

Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes

During the Joseon period, Kang Eun-gi became an empress after marrying King Lee Kyung, a handsome and idealistic king. However, tragedy struck during their wedding parade when the newlyweds were ambushed and shot by assassins, resulting in their deaths. But for some unknown reason, the dead king is resurrected, but not the queen.

Queen: Love and War tells the story of Kan Eun-bo (Jin Se Yeon), who sets out to become the new queen to bring her twin sister’s killer to justice. To uncover the mystery, however, she finds herself embroiled in an intricate plot to trick the king (Kim Min-kyu) and compete with all the qualified nobles in the selection process to become the king. become queen.

Queen: Love and War summary cast
Queen: Love and War summary cast

The king is a kind man who is also devastated by the passing of his sister Eun-bo. He tries to identify the culprit, but he doesn’t know that Eun-bo is plotting against him, thinking he is also responsible. Interestingly, the assassination also caused the king to have prophetic dreams that were very helpful as he tried to solve the murder of his wife and certainly other problems in his kingdom.

Queen: Love and War cast

Se Yeon Jin / Kang Eun-bo

Jung Ae-ri

Sang-woo Do / Lee Jae-hwa

Kim Beom-Jin – Han-Mo

Choo Soo-Bin – Yeo-Wul

Yoon Ki-Won – Kim Hyung-Chan

Jo Mi-Nyeo – Ye-Sil

Lee Kan-Hee – Eun-Ki ve Eun-Bo’nun annesi

Go Yoon – Gae-Pyeong

Kim Ju-Young – Dan-Young

Seo Kyung-Hwa – Jung Sang-Goong

Lee Yoon-Gun – Hong Ki-Ho

Choi Na-Moo – Byeo-Ri

Jang Sung-Yoon / Hong Yeon

Kim Sung-Bum – Gi-Chil

Kwon Jae-Hwan / Kwon Ik-Soo

Song Hoon

Gil Jung-Woo – Wal

Jang Ju-Yeon / female doctor

Seo Kwang-Jae

Shin Hee-Gook

Ah Ki Hwan

Ju A Yeon

Kim Sang-Il

Jung Jong-Woo

Goo Min Hyuk

Han Do-E

Han Da Mi

Seo Jung-Rok

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