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“Phaans” – Plot and Cast of the Pakistani Series

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The show has managed to enthrall audiences with its mysterious storyline and tension-filled scenes. Combining elements of crime and drama, the series offers viewers an immersive and engaging experience.

Leading the cast are seasoned actors Zara Noor Abbas, Sami Khan, and Shehzad Sheikh, who have received great appreciation for their performances. Each of them has breathed life and depth into their characters, taking the audience on an emotional journey.

Consisting of a total of 30 episodes, the series premiered on February 20, 2021, and concluded on July 23, 2021. Throughout its run, “Phaans” garnered a wide viewership due to its compelling narrative and impressive performances.

Under the guidance of the accomplished director Syed Ahmed Kamran, “Phaans” has secured a significant place in the television world with its richly crafted screenplay and powerful acting.

Plot of “Phaans”:

“Phaans” revolves around the lives of Shakeela, who works as a servant in a wealthy household, and Nadia, who lives with her. Nadia’s daughter Hafsa is planning to marry Samad. Shakeela stays at Nadia’s house to arrange and support the marriage with the help of her daughters Zeba and young Farah.

"Phaans" - Plot and Cast of the Pakistani Series
“Phaans” – Plot and Cast of the Pakistani Series

Zeba is a college student who receives a call from her fiancé Hashim, asking her to meet him at a building under construction. Initially, she declines the offer, but eventually agrees to meet him after his insistence. Unfortunately, Zeba becomes the victim of an attack and goes through a painful experience. Upon returning home, her family and Samad take care of her. However, suspicions arise about Samad, and everyone believes him to be guilty. Zeba is hospitalized, and there, a doctor named Siraj labels her as a hysterical patient and alters her medical reports. Zeba is deeply disappointed and returns home with her mother. She reveals that Sahil is the true culprit, but no one believes her. The series is filled with twists and turns.

Cast of “Phaans”:

– Sami Khan portrays the character of Samad.

– Shehzad Sheikh appears as the main antagonist, Sahil.

– Yashma Gill brings life to Sahil’s sister, Hafsa.

– Arjumand Rahim plays Nadia, Sahil, and Hafsa’s mother.

– Kinza Malik takes on the role of Shakeela, Zeba, and Farah’s mother.

– Ali Tahir performs as Siraj, Hafsa, and Sahil’s father.

– Mariam Mirza portrays Samad’s mother, Saba.

– Zeba’s fiancé Hashim is played by Zain Afzal.

– Hashim’s mother is portrayed by Farah Nadir.

– Madiha Rizvi appears as Shaista, the lawyer for Zeba and Nadia.

– Tahir Jatoi takes on the role of a detective in the series.

– Sufia Khan appears as a doctor in the show.

“Phaans” continues to capture the attention of the audience with its compelling story and remarkable performances.

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