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Onur Tuna biography(Age, girlfriend, movies and more)

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Onur Tuna was born on July 2, 1985 in Çanakkale. His mother is an immigrant from Thessaloniki.

He completed his primary and secondary education in Çanakkale and high school in Bursa. During these years, he was engaged in theater. He also took great interest in various sports while in high school. After graduating from high school, Onur Tuna succeeded in sports such as basketball, football and table tennis. He successfully graduated from Izmir Dokuz Eirul University, Department of Economics. His main occupation is trade.

After graduating from the economics department, she wanted to do something related to art. For this purpose, he studied classical music and singing at Ege University State Turkish Conservatory for about a year. Onur, who has been intertwined with theater from an early age.

Tuna started to take part in theater stages during her student years. Onur Tuna, who is 1.95 cm tall, has played volleyball and basketball under a license since middle school. He started acting in middle school and high school. While studying at Izmir University, she worked as a professional model for four years. He studied acting at İzmir Müjdat Gezen Art Center. Player weight is 75. Zodiac Cancer, hair color is black and eye color is blue.

Later, he started acting in private theaters. He got his first acting experience in front of the camera in 2011 with the TV series Life Continues.

The actor, who continued the series throughout the season, later took a role in the Huzr Sokağı series broadcast on ATV screens. He had his first feature film experience in the Little September Incident. The actress, who took part in the series “Prisoner”, also took part in the movie “What Happens to Me”.

Onur Tuna biography(Age, girlfriend, movies and more)
Onur Tuna biography(Age, girlfriend, movies and more)

Onur Tuna recently shared the lead role with actress Seda Güven. The couple, who was on the way to marriage, decided to separate in a short time. Seda Güven started to fall in love with Onur Tuna after her marriage to singer Keremcem ended. The duo, who did not hide their relationship, once decided to break up and reconciled, but they parted ways last year.

Allegedly, on the set of Onur Tuna, Seda Güven had a fight with another actress and decided to leave. Onur Tuna has not yet been seen with his new girlfriend after Seda Güven.

Onur Tuna TV series and movies

2020 Benden Ne Olur

2020 Ağır Romantik

2014 Bi Küçük Eylül Meselesi

2020 Mucize Doktor

2018 Yasak Elma

2018 Altın Tepsi

2016 Cesur Yürek

2015 Filinta ‘Bin Yılın Şafağında’

2014 Filinta ‘Bir Osmanlı Polisiyesi’

2012 Hayat Devam Ediyor

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