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One Day As A Lıon subject of the cast 

Written by Turkish Buzz

Genre: Crime, Drama, Comedy

Directed by: Swab

Producer: Jeremy M. Rosen

Author: Scott Caan

Release Date: Apr 7, 2023

Duration: 1h 27 min

Distributor: Lionsgate

Jackie Powers is a good man but a terrible assassin, and Jackie infuriates him when he is sent to deal with a treacherous debtor. Fleeing the scene, Jackie takes the bored waitress Lola hostage. When Jackie reveals she needs money to get her son out of jail, Lola hatches a plan to get money from her dying mother. Meanwhile, a thug is sent to kill Jackie by sleeping with her ex. This detective comedy starring Frank Grillo is a humorous tribute to the Tarantino and Coen brothers.

One Day As A Lıon subject of the cast 
One Day As A Lıon subject of the cast 


Scott Caan – Jackie Powers

Frank Grillo – Pauly Russo

Marianne Rendon – Lola Brisky

Taryn Manning – Taylor Love

Virginia Madsen – Valerie Brisky

J.K. Simmons – Walter Boggs

Slaine – Dom Lorenzo

Billy Blair – Ken Walsh

Swab – Director

Scott Caan-Screenwriter

Jeremy M. Rosen – Producer

Barry Brooker – Executive Producer

Stan Wertlieb – Executive Producer

Josh Spector – Executive Producer

Scott Caan – Executive Producer

Ali Jazayeri – Executive Producer

Viviana Zarragoitia – Executive Producer

Will Stone – Cinematographer

Andrew Aaronson – Film Editing

David Sardy – Original Music

Miles Rogoish – Production Design

Matt Markese – Art Director

Misty Rose – Costume Design

Jeremy M. Rosen – Casting

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