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Nursema wind blows in Cranberry Sherbet drama

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Nursema became the most famous character in the last episode of the Cranberry Sherbet TV series broadcast on Friday evening. The reason why the character of Ceren Yalazoğlu is talked about is that there are many such young girls in the society.

Young Nursema, who grew up in a conservative home and had to live her own life with the choice of her family, has come to the fore as a female character in the Kızılcık Sherbet, which has made its mark on television screens recently.

The cranberry sherbet series attracted great attention when Nursema, who married a man she did not love on her wedding day and was subjected to violence, was pushed out of the window by İbrahim.

Nursema wind blows in Cranberry Sherbet drama
Nursema wind blows in Cranberry Sherbet drama

With the highly successful performance of Ceren Yalazoğlu, the Cranberry Sherbet series managed to attract the attention of millions of viewers. This caused the Kingfisher (Golden Boy) series to get rid of double-digit rates and turned its attention to cranberry sorbet.

On Friday, March 24, cranberry sorbet ratings skyrocketed. The series became the most watched series, climbing to number 11 in AB and ABC1 groups, as it was last week.

Cranberry Sherbet outperformed the Golden Boy in the singles category.

Barkey Akdemir, who plays Nursema’s husband who got married and threw her out the window, also found herself in a difficult situation. In the series, İbrahim touches on male violence.

It is a role that is currently the focus of attention of the young actor, but whose situation is on the edge of the knife.

While Nursema blamed her family for what happened to her and reproached them, the audience held their breath. Nursema was supported by the following words in her comments on social media: How happy I was when Nursema explained everything and opened her mouth to everyone. I know the drama isn’t real, but it’s nice to have people like Nursema in this country.”

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