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“Night Has Fallen” is a South Korean drama series released in 2023. The show revolves around a group of high school students who are forced to participate in a real-life mafia game, leading to a series of tense events.

The main cast and characters are as follows:

– Lee Jae In portrays the character Yoon Seo. Yoon Seo is the most popular girl in school, but she becomes involved in the mafia game after being betrayed by her friends. She grows closer to Jun Hee during the game.

– Kim Woo Seok plays Jun Hee. Jun Hee is the smartest and most handsome guy in school, but he has family issues and prefers solitude. He forms a bond with Yoon Seo during the game.

– Choi Ye Bin embodies Jeong Won. Jeong Won is a math genius who lacks friends due to her straightforwardness. She despises teamwork but ends up forming a team with her friends during the mafia game and solves it.

– Ahn Ji Ho portrays Da Beom. Da Beom is the funniest and most adorable guy in school, but he has a dark past and is suspected of initiating the mafia game.

The director of the series is Im Dae Woong, and it consists of 12 episodes. It premiered in August 2023. The show falls under the mystery and thriller genres. Other cast members include Cha Woo Min, Jung So Ri, Moon Shi Ho, Jung Jun Hwan, Hong Min Ki, Song Byeong Geun, Cheon Young Min, Kang Seol, Lee Min Jae, Ahn Ji Hee, Choi Yu Ji, and Kim Wook.

The main cast and characters are as follows:
The main cast and characters are as follows:

The plot of the series is as follows:

A group of high school students is suddenly compelled to participate in a real-life mafia game one night. The rules are simple: one person is the mafia, and the others try to uncover their identity. The mafia player stays in the game by “killing” other students, while the rest aim to eliminate the mafia. The game continues until the last mafia member remains.

The students race against time to learn the rules and identify the mafia. During the game, they uncover each other’s hidden secrets and test their friendships. Ultimately, only one person will survive the game.

“Night Has Fallen” is an intriguing and thrilling series that will leave viewers curious and excited. The strong cast and gripping storyline will captivate audiences and keep them glued to the screen.

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