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My Dearest Part 2 subject cast

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“My Dearest Part 2” is set to premiere on the MBC channel in October 2023. It is a historical romantic drama series aired in South Korea on MBC.

The show revolves around a love story between an aristocratic woman and a mysterious man during the Qing invasion of Joseon.

The first part of the series began in August 2023 and lasted for 10 episodes. The second part is scheduled to be broadcast in October 2023.

My Dearest Part 2 subject cast
My Dearest Part 2 subject cast

The main cast includes:

– Namkoong Min portrays the enigmatic Lee Jang Hyun, a man who appears suddenly in high society circles. Despite his outward cheerfulness, he carries a tragic past. His life takes a complete turn after encountering Yoo Gil-Chae.

– Ahn Eun Jin plays Yoo Gil Chae, the second daughter of a retired baptist father. Known for her beauty and charm, she’s quite arrogant, believing she can win the love of any man in the world. Amidst the chaos caused by the Qing invasion, she grows to love Lee Jang-Hyun.

– Lee Hak Joo portrays Nam Yeon Jun, Yoo Gil Chae’s close friend who is also in love with her. He comes from a noble family and fights for Joseon’s future.

The rest of the cast includes Lee Da In, Kim Seo An, Kim Ji Hoon, Kim Min Kyu, Park Ji Young, Kim Hyun Sook, and many others.

“My Dearest Part 2” is considered one of the most anticipated series of 2023. There’s already significant excitement for the second part. The show appears poised to captivate and surprise viewers, much like it did in its first installment.

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