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Love And Hope story cast

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Working under challenging conditions in Edremit and preparing for university entrance exams, Zeynep finally achieves the fifth position nationwide.

She fulfills her dream of being accepted into the law department of the university she aspired to attend. Contemplating a move to Istanbul for her university studies, Zeynep remains unaware of the difficulties her mother, Gönül, is facing. While Gönül shapes Zeynep’s life and dedicates her heart to her, Zeynep will also have the opportunity to meet her father.

Bülent, a successful lawyer in Istanbul, discovers that he has a 20-year-old daughter. However, Bülent is married to Feraye and has two children, Melis and Yiğit. Gönül’s call from the police station deeply impacts Bülent’s life, creating a dilemma between his family and Zeynep. Bülent is now faced with a difficult choice, needing to make decisions without sacrificing his loved ones.

Love And Hope story cast
Love And Hope story cast

Love And Hope cast

Hakan Dinçkol – Kuzey

Cemre Kurum – Elif

İlayda Orkut – Sıla

Gamze İğdiroğlu – Handan

Furkan Okumuş – Ege

Eda Elif Başlamışlı – Zeynep

Zeynep Melis Girşen – Melis

Erdem Adilce – cihan

Fahrettin Avcı – Alper

Arda Esen – Bülent

Zafer Demircan – Feraye

Mine Çayıroğlu – Firdevs

Özgür Kaymak – Gönül

Burcu Almeman – Mürvet

Oğuzhan Karbi – Arda

Serap Önder – Naciye

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