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Lord of the Skies summary cast

Written by Turkish Buzz

Original title: El Señor de los Cielos

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Romance

Number of episodes: 664

Lord of the skies summary

After being picked up from her, Víctor searches everywhere to find Mónica’s whereabouts and continue with her wedding plans.

In season six, Aurelio Casillas gets back all his lost fortune. Now he wants to retire. But the time has come for revenge, the hatred he has sown since he sold his soul to the drug dealer demon is now knocking on his door with the faces and blood of many innocent people he has destroyed.

Aurelio realizes that his wealth is an illusion and that after becoming a great hunter, he will become the prey. The women he abuses, the people he betrays, the political puppets he brings to power, and even his own children turn against him.

In season seven, he surrenders to Mexican Security Minister Bernardo Castillo, who is Amado Casillas, to avoid falling into the hands of American justice. DEA commissioner Joe Navarro makes every attempt to secure his extradition. The agent learns about his earlier plan to eliminate Amado. He is the only person in the organization the two work for, who can prove that there is a corruption and dark management scheme that jeopardizes his very existence and freedom.

Lord of the Skies summary cast
Lord of the Skies summary cast

When the Casillas cartel tried to save him and Baltazar Ojeda himself tried to kill him, he was transferred to a prison on the outskirts of the State of Mexico. He was taken to the airport under tight security. In the midst of this tension, Doña Alba is put through a dangerous situation under the supervision of a doctor.

Season eight also focuses on the return of Aurelio Casillas, who allegedly died after falling into a coma after an attempt on his life at the beginning of the previous season. The only person who knows that Aurelio is alive is the DEA who hid him in the desert. As Aurelio brings his revenge plan to life, he forges connections with old allies, while living with new loves and uncovering family secrets.

Lord of the Skies Cast

Raphael Amaya

Ximena Herrera

Robinson Diaz

Raul Mendez

Gabriel Porras

Carmen villalobos

Mauricio Ochmann

Fernanda castillo

Marlene Favela

Carmen Aub

Maritza Rodriguez

Sabrina Seara

Vanessa villa

Maricela Gonzalez

Mariana Seoane

Miguel varoni

Man sows

Nine Condes

Carlos Bardem

Alberto Guerra

Alejandro Lopez

Francisco Gattorno

Jesus More

Lisa Owen

Isabella Castillo

Maria Conchita Alonso

Matias Novoa

Ivan Aran

Hector Bonilla

Roberto Escobar

Fernando Noriega

Eduardo Santamarina

Danna Garcia

Ruben Cortada

Africa Zavala

Yuri Vargas

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