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Jehanabad Of Love and War subject cast

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“Jehanabad: Of Love and War” is a web series available on the SonyLIV platform, based on a true story.

The series revolves around the attempt of 372 prisoners to escape from Jehanabad prison, while amidst the chaos, an unexpected love story unfolds. Set against the backdrop of tension, the series delves into the forbidden love and the atmosphere filled with suspense.

Genre: Crime Thriller


– Rajeev Barnwal

– Satyanshu Singh


:- Ritwik Bhowmik

– Parambrata Chatterjee

– Harshita Gaur

– Rajat Kapoor

Total Number of Episodes: 10

Release Date: February 3, 2023

“Jehanabad: Of Love and War” Plot

The story is set in Jehanabad, a small town in Bihar, India. It follows the escalating conflict between innocent love and the chaos of the land’s anarchy. The series is inspired by events that occurred in 2005. It revolves around a grand escape plan to release Deepak Kumar, a commander within the Naxal movement, from prison, and also highlights the blossoming love between university professor Abhimanyu Singh and his student Kasturi Mishra. The narrative incorporates themes of love, loss, betrayal, and the resilience of the human spirit.

“Jehanabad: Of Love and War” Episode Summaries

Episode 1

Infamous figure of the criminal world, Deepak Kumar, known as Elmacık Kemal, is transferred to Jehanabad prison. The prison’s new and honest teacher, Abhimanyu, finds himself drawn to the enchanting fragrance of Kasturi. While love buds in university classrooms, violence surges within the prison walls.

Episode 2

A conflict arises between student leader Abhimanyu and Suraj Singh, triggered by Suraj’s caste-based violence against a friend. This incident unexpectedly draws Abhimanyu and Kasturi closer, as their relationship deepens after the argument.

Episode 3

The death of Pradeep Kumar divides the town. While some see it as an ordinary incident, others believe it to be a brutal hate crime. Will justice be served for Pradeep’s death, or will the incident fade away?

Jehanabad Of Love and War subject cast
Jehanabad Of Love and War subject cast

Episode 4

As Durgesh sends a battered Deepak to solitary confinement, Kumud does the same with Kasturi, who confronts her feelings for Abhimanyu.

Episode 5

Kasturi’s burgeoning love clashes with her mother’s determined resistance. Abhimanyu’s constant rejections cast a shadow over their university days. Will Kumud allow Kasturi and Abhimanyu to accept their love?

Episode 6

Durgesh taunts Deepak about an impending Naxal attack. As violence spirals out of control, how will this impact innocent love?

Episode 7

Mamaji meets Kasturi’s family and sets a date for their engagement. With tightened prison security, wedding preparations intensify.

Episode 8

Despite his closeness with Kasturi, Abhimanyu continues to use the Mishra surname.

Episode 9

Abhimanyu realizes his true feelings for Kasturi. His connection with Kasturi becomes evident to Mamaji.

Episode 10

Janki Kund is in chaos due to the wedding preparations. As elections commence and time ticks away, the town is besieged on the wedding night. What fate awaits Kasturi and Abhimanyu?

“Jehanabad: Of Love and War” Cast

– Ritwik Bhowmik portrays Abhimanyu Singh/Ajay.

– Parambrata Chatterjee plays Deepak Kumar.

– Harshita Gaur shines as Kasturi Mishra.

– Rajat Kapoor portrays Shivanand Singh.

– Satyadeep Mishra embodies SP Durgesh Pratap Singh.

– Suneel Sinha plays Mamaji.- Sonal Jha portrays Kumud Mishra.

– Rajesh Jais appears as Rajendra Mishra.

– Shikha Chauhan is also part of the cast.

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