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In Your Shining Season Korean Drama subject cast

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“In Your Shining Season” is a South Korean drama set to be released in 2023. The series depicts a romantic and dramatic story between a man who loses his hearing and memory due to an accident and a woman who becomes his savior.

The main cast and characters are as follows:

– Han Hyo Joo stars as Lee Min Ho in “In Your Shining Season.” He is a famous composer and pianist who loses his hearing and memory in a traffic accident. Realizing he has been a disruptive force, he endeavors to change his own destiny.

– Lee Sung Kyung portrays Kim Ji Eun in “In Your Shining Season.” She is the woman who becomes Lee Min Ho’s savior. Kim Ji Eun is a beautiful and cheerful woman who works at a flower shop. She falls in love with Lee Min Ho and decides to help him.

– Mehmet Aslantuğ takes on the role of Ali Fuat Göreli, Lee Min Ho’s father. He is a wealthy and powerful businessman who attempts to support his son after the accident. However, he doesn’t allow his son to live his own life.

In Your Shining Season Korean Drama subject cast
In Your Shining Season Korean Drama subject cast

– Aydan Şener plays Armağan Önder, Kim Ji Eun’s mother. Armağan Önder is a loving and selfless mother who wants her daughter to be happy. She doesn’t oppose her daughter’s relationship with Lee Min Ho but knows they will face challenges.

The series is directed by Jo Sung Hee and consists of 16 episodes. It premiered in August 2023. The show falls under the romantic and drama genres. Other cast members include Cha Woo Min, Jung So Ri, Moon Shi Ho, Jung Jun Hwan, Hong Min Ki, Song Byeong Geun, Cheon Young Min, Kang Seol, Lee Min Jae, Ahn Ji Hee, Choi Yu Ji, and Kim Wook.

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