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Hudutsuz Sevda Turkish Drama Subject cast

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If you’re curious about the Turkish series “Hudutsuz Sevda,” which will soon air on Fox TV, here is the summary we’ve prepared for you:

“Hudutsuz Sevda” is a Turkish series that tells the love story of Zeynep and Halil İbrahim, who come from two different families living in Artvin. Despite the pressure from their families and surroundings, they want to experience an boundless love. Zeynep is forced into an arranged marriage due to her father’s debts, while Halil İbrahim discovers that he is the son of Rızvan, a sworn enemy of his family. This conflict forms the core storyline of the series.

Hudutsuz Sevda Turkish  Drama Subject cast
Hudutsuz Sevda Turkish Drama Subject cast

The cast of the series includes the following names:

– Denizcan Aktaş portrays the honest, brave, and hardworking character of Halil İbrahim. He falls in love with Zeynep and wants to marry her, but his life turns upside down when he learns his father’s true identity.

– Miray Daner plays the role of the beautiful, intelligent, and dreamy Zeynep. She falls in love with Halil İbrahim and plans to elope with him, but she is forced into an arranged marriage due to her father’s debts.

– Biran Damla Yılmaz will portray a character whose role is not yet revealed. She is an accomplished actress known for her roles in several successful series.

– Mesut Akusta portrays the character of Rızvan. Rızvan is the most powerful man in Artvin, ruthless, ambitious, and cruel. He is also Halil İbrahim’s real father and will do anything for revenge.

– Esra Dermancıoğlu plays the role of Asiye, Rızvan’s wife. Asiye is a beautiful, intelligent, and proud woman who is unaware of the wrongdoings of Rızvan. She loves Halil İbrahim and supports him.

– Burak Sevinç portrays Fikret, Halil İbrahim’s stepbrother. Fikret is arrogant, selfish, and cunning. He is interested in Zeynep and will use any means to win her over.

The series also features well-known actors such as Asuman Dabak, Erdem Kaynarca, Emre Bulut, and Naz Çağla Irmak.

“Hudutsuz Sevda” is not an adaptation but has an original screenplay. The initial episodes of the series will be filmed in Artvin and later move to Istanbul. It can already be said that this series will be an exciting romantic drama for those eagerly awaiting it.

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