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Deniz Işın biography?

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Born: May 28, 1992

Birthplace: Izmir

Age: 31 (based on 2023)

Height: 1.69 m

Weight: 54

Eyes are blue

Sign: Gemini

Marital status: Single

lover: no

Education: Ege University

Deniz Işin gave life to the character of Irem in the TV series “Innocence”. In this process, he received training at the Sahnetozu Theater for 2 years in İzmir and for one year in Istanbul. She played the character of Alice in the play ‘Lysistrata’ in 2017 and the play ‘You Can’t Take It With You’ in 2018. Born in Izmir on May 28, 1992, Deniz Işın graduated from the Department of Chemical Engineering at Ege University and settled in Istanbul after completing her Materials Science and Engineering Master’s degree at Ege University.

Subject of Innocence Series The ordinary life of an ordinary mother changes overnight when her daughter is subjected to violence, and a never-ending chase between right and wrong, truth and lies begins.

Deniz Işın biography?
Deniz Işın biography?

With Bahar’s accusations, the forbidden love of Ela and İlker, which they live in the shadow of lies and İrem, is scrutinized. On the night of February 24 in Istanbul, a young girl was found dead by the side of the road.

Series featured: Dokuz Oguz Leyla and Majnun (Exxen)

This is the World (Gain)

Time to Love (Firuze Yavuz)

Will it be from us (Sea)

Innocence (Irem Orhun)

Ambassador’s Daughter (Doctor Sahra)

In Good Days In Bad Days (Seda)

You are everywhere

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