Demet Özdemir’s pre-aesthetic appearance created a shock.

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The old images of actress Demet Özdemir resurfaced after her marriage to Oğuzhan Koç, sparking renewed interest. The actress’s non-aesthetic appearance drew attention and surprised her fans.

Demet Özdemir is known not only for her acting but also for her beauty. However, the old images from earlier times revealed the changes behind aesthetic surgeries. Especially the old photos that emerged during the promotion of the movie “Between Me and the World” shed light on the series of aesthetic surgeries Özdemir underwent.

Demet Özdemir's pre-aesthetic appearance created a shock.
Demet Özdemir’s pre-aesthetic appearance created a shock.

The transformation of the actress, closely followed by the world of entertainment, surprised her fans over the years. Demet Özdemir, who stands out with her success in series and films as well as her beauty, continues to be a topic of discussion regarding the changes she went through after undergoing aesthetic surgeries.

This situation, which also gained attention on social media platforms, highlights Özdemir’s various corrective procedures such as chin and lip alterations. These changes seem to have disappointed some of her fans to some extent. While some find Demet Özdemir beautiful in every form, others have reacted to these changes, making comments like “Oğuzhan Koç would be put off” in response.

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