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Demet Özdemir biography

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The beautiful actress was born on February 26, 1992 in Kocaeli. He was the youngest of a family of three. His grandmother was born in Bulgaria. After her parents divorced, she moved to Istanbul with her mother and older sister.

Referring to her relationship with her father in an interview, Özdemir said, “After not seeing each other for a long time, we just got back together. But I never believed that he loved us. Simply put, he is very stubborn.”

She joined the group of dancers who supported Bengü during her performances and later started to perform with the Ephesus Girls. He studied acting for two years at Studio Actors, where he participated in training programs between 2011-2013.

Demet Özdemir biography
Demet Özdemir biography

He appeared in Mustafa Sandal’s video “Fire and Forget”. Demet Özdemir first played the character of Aylin in the TV series “I Will Give You a Secret” on FOX TV in 2013.

Later, she portrayed Demet and Kurt Seyit in the movie Tut Sözüsü and the character of Alya in the ura series.

Later, she gave life to the character of Aslı in the TV series “Çilek Kokusu”, which was broadcast on Star TV in 2015.

No 309 took the lead role in the series that was shown on FOX TV between 2016-2017. She played the character of Aysel in Burak Aksak’s 2017 movie, Who Are You Dancing With? She played the character of Sanem in the Early Bird series broadcast on Star TV between 2018-2019.

Afterwards, Daga gave life to the role of “Zeynep Göksu Tunahan” in the TV8 series “Your Birth is Your Destiny”.

She got married in 2022 with singer Oğuzhan Koç, whom she has been with since 2020. There is 7 years between Oğuzhan Koç and Demet Özdemir.

Height: 1.70 cm

Weight: 56 kg

Sign: Pisces

TV series starring Demet Özdemir

2013-2014 – I Will Tell You a Secret / Aylin Gündoğdu

2014 – Kurt Seyit and Shura / Alya Baronez

2015 – Strawberry Fragrance / Aslı Koçer Mazharoğlu

2016-2017 – No: 309 / Lale Yenilmez Sarihan

2018-2019 – Early Bird / Sanem Aydın Divit

2019-2021 – The house you were born in is your destiny / Zeynep Göksu

2020 – The Red Room / Zeynep Göksu

2022 – Between the World and Me

Films featuring Demet Özdemir

2015 – Keep Your Word / Demet

2017 – Who Are You Dancing With / Aysel

2022 – Love Tactics / Asli Bernsel

2023 – Love Tactics 2 /Asli Bernsel

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