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Blood Flowers Plot, Casting

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Kan Çiçekleri is a Turkish TV series that was screened on Kanal 7 screens. The series premiered on December 5, 2022. Barış Baktaş plays the character of Baran Karabey and Yağmur Yüksel plays the character of Dilan Demir in the series Blood Flowers.

Summary of the Turkish TV series Blood Flowers

The blood feud brings together Baran and Dilan, who have separate dreams and hopes. Baran marries Dilan for his brother’s life. This marriage made out of necessity is like a prison for Baran and Dilan.

Also, Baran’s uncle does his best to inflame this vendetta. Its purpose is to be put into the family’s property. Very strong winds blow between Baran and Dilan. But over time, these two really fall in love with each other.

Blood Flowers Plot, Casting
Blood Flowers Plot, Casting

The original name of the series: Blood Flowers

English name: blood flowers

Genre: drama

Publisher channel: channel 7

Producer: İnci Gülen, Sevda Carefree

Authors: Burak Acar, Simge Akovalıer

Cinematography: Halil Uzun, Cetin Cavan

Release date: December 5, 2022

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