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Bir Sevdadır (It’s A Love) Subject Cast

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TRT 1’s new series “Bir Sevdadır” has embarked on its broadcasting journey. The plot, cast, and characters of the series are already being explored. Here’s our article where you’ll find answers to all your questions.

Yasin, the beloved footballer from the Black Sea, and Yeşil, a young woman who has faced many challenges in life…

Yeşil hasn’t been educated; she was raised to be married at an early age. Even before turning 18, she is married to Ünal, the son of Cenap Ağa, but someone kidnaps her from her wedding. This person is Ersin, the famous footballer Yasin’s twin. In the chase that night, Ersin dies, Ünal is left disabled, and his brother Ferhat dies.

Yeşil goes to prison and serves 7 years. During her time there, she gives birth to twin children: Işık and Boncuk. The passing years haven’t resolved the blood feud. On the day of her release, Tufan, Ünal’s brother, waits for Yeşil at the prison gate to take revenge for his brothers. Yeşil hasn’t been idle during her time in prison; she prepares herself for everything. A big and challenging test awaits her outside.

Due to the events, Yeşil, who no longer has a family, dreams of having a family for herself and her children. Taking everything into account, Yeşil, along with her children, will go to the Bıçakçılar, the family of the famous footballer Yasin, seeking their protection.

Bir Sevdadır (It's A Love) Subject Cast
Bir Sevdadır (It’s A Love) Subject Cast

Cast and Characters of the Series “Bir Sevdadır”:

– Feyyaz Şerifoğlu (Yasin): Yasin, the young man, stands out with his different lives before and after the death of his twin. While spreading happiness around with his joy, when angered, he burns both himself and those around him.

– Sude Zülal Güler (Yeşil): Yeşil, an emotional character, has an introverted nature. She speaks through her eyes and is constantly in a struggle with life; her only desire is to provide a safe life for her children.

– Ekin Mert Daymaz (Tufan): Tufan communicates with his eyes and carries a stern expression on his face. The phrase “My geography is too tough for Western laws. It breaks in the middle of those laws,” reflects his character.

– Doğukan Polat (Ünal): Ünal, hiding on the bench, must gain great power to return to the field. This power is related to the local authority.

– Sinan Tuzcu (Ishak Ali): Ishak stands out with his Black Sea accent and harsh attitudes. He ended his football career due to an injury; he is ambitious, perfectionist, and has an authoritative personality.

– Sinem Uslu (Gülender): Gülender, the daughter of a Black Sea family, stands out with her cheerful and angry sides. She is considered a good person, but only when she trusts the person in front of her.

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