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Aye Musht-e-Khaak full subject

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Dua is a charming and innocent young girl, deeply devoted to Allah with unwavering faith. Mustajab, also known by the nickname “Bobby” Ahmed, considers himself a narcissistic atheist who believes that anyone he plans to marry should instantly fall in love with him.

When Dua’s parents, Sajjad and Nimra, along with her twin brother Dayyan, go to the airport to welcome Dua’s cousin Dayi, she notices a white car arriving. She mistakenly thinks it’s her family’s car, but it actually contains Mustajab and his mother Shakeela. The relationship between Mustajab and Dua begins inside this car.

As Mustajab and Dua spend time together and explore the family farm after they all arrive home, a special connection forms between them. However, Dua behaves indifferently and coldly towards Mustajab, which chips away at his self-esteem. Eventually, Shakeela persuades Mustajab to consider marriage.

To determine the suitability of Dua’s and Mustajab’s relationship, Dayyan approaches Mustajab. The next day, Dua’s family hosts a party. Shakeela invites Mustajab to the party but asks him not to discuss Dua. However, this doesn’t prevent Mustajab from attending the event.

After dinner, Mustajab and Dua act tense around each other. Mustajab decides to talk to her in an attempt to understand why he was rejected. The two confront each other in the room, where Mustajab expresses his feelings for Dua.

However, Dua’s rejection further wounds his self-esteem. Shakeela reveals that Mustajab prefers to stay in Pakistan and accepts their marriage. Mustajab takes Dua out for a meal, and they spend time together.

Shakeela devises a plan to unite Mustajab and Dua in marriage. Mustajab tells Dua he wants to take her on a honeymoon to America, but claims that due to Ramadan, they can’t go immediately. When Dua realizes Mustajab’s true intentions and the fake situation, Mustajab’s ex-girlfriend Shiza returns from America.

She alleges that Mustajab promised to marry her. Shiza threatens to accuse Mustajab of attempted murder if he doesn’t marry her. Surrendering to Shiza’s demands, Mustajab decides to go to America, leaving Dua behind. He confides in Dayyan about the situation.

Aye Musht-e-Khaak full subject
Aye Musht-e-Khaak full subject

Dayyan witnesses Mustajab with Shiza and learns the truth. When Mustajab departs, Shiza reveals the truth to him. Dayyan summons Mustajab to talk, but Dua intervenes, getting a chance to confront Mustajab. Before leaving for America, Shakeela reveals the truth to Dua.

Dua knows about Shiza, but the revelation doesn’t hurt her. However, as Ramadan begins, Dua catches Dayyan meeting Shiza and hears Shiza claiming ownership of Mustajab. This raises suspicions about Mustajab’s faith in Dua’s mind.

Dua tells Mustajab that she’ll leave him if he doesn’t believe in God. Dayyan explains to their family that he convinced Dua to marry someone else to help her forget Mustajab. Their family meets the girl named Tabeen that Dayyan mentioned.

Later, Dua expresses to Imam Sahib that someone who doesn’t believe in Allah can’t belong to anyone. Dayyan later reveals to Dua that he had previously met Shiza. Subsequently, Dua completes the divorce process, separating from Mustajab.

Dayyan decides to marry Dua to Tabeen’s brother, Taqi. However, Mustajab converts to Islam to win Dua back. Dua starts contemplating whether to marry Taqi, but she still thinks of Mustajab even after the divorce. Dua meets Mustajab, but Tabeen informs her family. Sajjad and Nimra, along with Dayyan, go to rescue Dua.

In her last breath, Dua seeks refuge in Allah, but this time it’s eternal. She realizes her initial misconception and reaches out to Allah for help. Mustajab prays for Dua’s life, asking to be separated from her to save her. Now, he can’t be with her due to his faith in God.

Confessing his lies, Mustajab sadly leaves Dua. After returning home to find his mother dead, Mustajab reveals he’s moving to America at the funeral. Later, Dayyan tells her that Tabeen gave birth to a son named Rayan. After celebrating Rayan’s first birthday, Dua stumbles upon a mosque, leaving her astonished.

Consulting Moulvi Sahab, she learns that the mosque is funded by someone named Mustajab Ahmed. Later, she contacts Mustajab, who has returned from America and embraced Islam, expressing her wish to meet him one last time.

Meeting at the mosque, they learn that Mustajab will officiate Dua and Taqi’s marriage. Taqi argues that Mustajab deserves Dua. Mustajab declines and leaves. Dayyan, Taqi, and Imam Sahib follow him and persuade him to meet Dua.

With Imam Sahib’s guidance, Dua and Mustajab’s marriage is solemnized, and they return home happily. One day, finding Mustajab praying at home, Dua joins him in prayer. They pray together, finally finding peace and happiness between them.

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