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Another Chance Turkish Drama summary cast

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Original Title: Gelsin Hayat Bildigi Gibi

English Title: Another Chance

Genre: Action, Romance

Director: Altan Dönmez

Screenwriter: Gani Müjde

Production Company: BKM

Broadcast Network: Show TV

Episodes: 22+ (continuing filming)

Filming Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Release Period: July 21, 2022 – today

Another Chance summary

Emin is a bully living in Ankara. He learns that a young girl was killed because of him. And he wants to put his old life aside and turn a new leaf. On the other hand, Songül collects information about all the underground mafia that will send them to jail.

Another Chance Turkish Drama summary cast
Another Chance Turkish Drama summary cast

Songul and Emin make a deal. Emin will start a new life in Istanbul as a geography teacher, but she will play the role of police officer Songül’s wife. These two go through many difficulties together. But they also have feelings for each other. The series revolves around the lives of these two characters.

Another Chance cast

Ertan Saban, Sadi Payasli (Emin Gungoren)

Songul Acarerk (Devrim Ozkan)

Ozge Ozberk (Derya Yilmaz)

Nilsu Berfin (Aktaş Gizem Demirci)

Araz (Mustafa Açan)

Aylin Ozdemir (Sanem Babi)

Yeliz (Ayşe Kırca)

Zulfikar Coskuner (Onur Ozer)

Ozgu Boy (Mert Yilmaz)

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