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Ajda Pekkan said “I had abortion six times”

Written by Turkish Buzz

77-year-old Ajda Pekkan made an eventful statement. Superstar, who participated in the 2nd Page program where the magazine events were discussed, said that he was afraid of having children.

Ajda Pekkan also said that she loves children, but she never dared to have children. He also stated that he stayed away from the thought of having children in order to survive in the sector and that he consoled himself with his cats.

Ajda Pekkan said "I had abortion six times"
Ajda Pekkan said “I had abortion six times”

Ajda Pekkan, who confessed to the abortion, said, “I tried to console myself with the cats, but I had my child six times, I didn’t want it. I could hardly maintain my own life anyway.” Made the explanation. The beautiful Superstar has many cats and loves animals.

Recently, Ajda Pekkan also said that her bags were fake. Ajda Pekkan said: “I don’t spend money to show off. My bags are fake. I don’t even have a proper solitaire. I don’t spend money on such things. The most important thing is the person himself. There is nothing more important than me in this life.”

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