18 Lesser-Known Facts About Barış Bektaş

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1. Barış Bektaş, born on January 10, 1997, is a resident of Istanbul and falls under the Capricorn zodiac sign.

2. He spent his childhood in Istanbul and continued his education in the same city.

3. After completing his primary, middle, and high school education, he graduated from Istanbul Commerce University with a degree in Accounting and Auditing.

4. His primary profession is accounting.

5. He entered the world of acting with the film “Legends of War” and also played a role in “Tears of God.”

6. He successfully portrays the character Baran in the series “Blood Flowers.”

7. The series cast includes names like Zeynep Eronat, Özge Özacar, Burak Tamdoğan, Cemre Melis Çınar, Sude Nur Yazıcı, Cemre Baysel, Emre Kınay, Hülya Gülşen Irmak, and Burcu Altın.

8. The character Baran, initially the son of a wealthy family, experiences a life-changing event due to a traffic accident. The father of the girl he loves is an enemy of Baran’s father.

9. He is also a singer, sharing his own compositions on social media.

10. Among his favorite singers are Sezen Aksu, Tarkan, Sertab Erener, and Ajda Pekkan.

11. His favorite actors include Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, Haluk Bilginer, and Şener Şen.

12. Among his favorite authors are Yaşar Kemal, Orhan Pamuk, Sabahattin Ali, and Elif Şafak.

13. As a football enthusiast, he passionately supports Fenerbahçe.

18 Lesser-Known Facts About Barış Bektaş
18 Lesser-Known Facts About Barış Bektaş

14. His love for the color blue is evident, but he dislikes the color yellow.

15. His favorite dish is mantı (Turkish dumplings), but he’s not a fan of cabbage dishes.

16. He has a strong bond with cats; he has two cats named Pamuk and Zeytin.

17. While Titanic is his favorite movie, he is not a fan of Paranormal Activity.

18. He enjoys holidays the most in Bodrum, but he doesn’t prefer Antalya much.

These personal preferences and details from Barış Bektaş’s life offer a broader perspective on his personal and professional world.

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